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Our Newest Fundraiser in Collaboration with Henry of Pelham

We are excited about our new fundraiser running until June 16, 2024!

Henry of Pelham will donate 20% of your purchases to Noah's Clubhouse if you shop using this link:

1. From there, please choose any of the fundraising case options.

2. Once you have chosen your case and have added it to your cart you can browse the rest of the store, by clicking on the Henry of Pelham logo.

3. When you are done shopping, please click checkout.

4. Complete the appropriate information required.

5. Don't forget to use the code "NOAHS" in the gift card and discount code section so we receive our donation!


Pick up from Noah's Clubhouse (after June 20)

You can choose to to pick up your order from Noah's Clubhouse in Markham after June 20. If you are choosing to pick up from Noah's Clubhouse, please choose the option "pickup at winery". Your order will be ready for pick up from Noah's Clubhouse, located in Markham, after June 20, 2024. Pick up details will be provided closer to June 20.

Delivered to you (anytime)

Want your order before June 20? You prefer shipment directly to you? No problem! You can choose to have your order shipped directly to you - shipping fees are extra. Enter the code "NOAHS" in the gift note section (not the gift card or discount code section).

Once you have completed your purchase, you will receive an email confirmation. Feel free to place multiple orders. Please share our fundraiser with family and friends. 

Email us or with any questions regarding an order.

Please enjoy responsibly.


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